Friday, 3 December 2010

Owl and Heart Lavender-Filled Drawer Scenters

Lavender might be a bit old-school, but I must admit I do kind of like it. There's something very homely about the smell that makes me come over all nostalgic. So over a coffee and some homemade banana loaf, I had a go at making some lavender-filled drawer scenters. Of course you could just go for a basic square if you wanted but, as I intend to give these as little gifts at some point, I thought it would be nice to go for some simple heart and owl designs.

I started off by cutting out the body (two pieces, one for front and back) from some patterned fabric, and the details from some plain fabric scraps and felt. I attached the details with UHU all purpose glue before adding some additional embellishments with embroidery thread (on the owl) and thin ribbon (on the heart), which I fixed in place with a little red thread that was almost invisible against the red of the ribbon.

After that, I used my little sewing machine to fix the two pieces together (sewing them with the decorated sides facing together) except for a gap of a few inches, through which I turned them the right way round. A chop stick or pencil helps to poke out any corners. I then stuffed my owl and heart with scented dried lavender, using a teaspoon to scoop it in and the handle end to poke it down. When suitably stuffed, I sewed up the hole by hand. Voila!
As my first attempt at anything like this for a long time, they certainly came out looking a bit rough around the edges! Biggest lesson learned was to remember to leave enough extra space around the edges (I probably needed another 1/2 cm) for sewing the body pieces together, as this is where I ended up having problems with little gaps. The heart design is my favorite, so I'll be having a go at making a few more, perhaps with the addition of a ribbon loop for hanging. Maybe I'll even attempt a mini Christmas stocking for hanging on the tree!


  1. These are awesome! Where did you manage to find the dried lavender from? xxx

  2. The owl is so cute! Such pretty fabric too xx

  3. Thanks Siobhan!

    Sophie, I got the lavender off ebay. It's a good sized bag (I'll literally be making lavender sachets FOREVER, haha), and only cost a few pounds. Searching for something like 'french dried lavender' should find it. Hope that helps! x


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