Tuesday, 29 March 2011

Planter Passion

Cute or creepy? Some people might say creepy, but I think this deer planter is just the right side of cute. I feel the same way about these cats:

Seriously, how much better would your cress look growing out of there? Waaaay better, that's how much.

I'm loving this faded elephant. Makes me think of the pink elephant parade.

And this irked looking chicken is pretty sweet.

Alternatively, if you aren't really into animal shaped ceramics, this yellow planter would look gorgeous on a kitchen windowsill filled with bright green herbs.

I have a passion for planters, the more kitsch the better. Currently the proud owner of a powder blue swan complete with gold beak, I've been having a hunt around Etsy for more planters to feed my appetite. Unfortunately, as lovely as these planters are, the international postage costs are just to steep for me, so some lucky U.S resident will get to snap them up. For now I will gaze at them longingly, and try and root out something similar here in the UK. Sigh.

Any other fans of kitsch planters out there?


  1. That cat is sooooo creepy Jess!!Id be scared it was going to come alive at night and claw me to death in my sleep. eek!! Love the elephant though, hes so cute :) xx

  2. Now you mention it, the cat does look a bit like he's trying to hypnotise you with his eyes... I still love it though! x


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