Sunday, 5 February 2012

Oh Jeez

So today Ben and I are meant to be collecting EIGHT second hand Le Creuset pans that I recently won on eBay. They happen to be cast iron, and as such damn heavy. The pans are in Finsbury park, a walk to the bus stop, bus ride and twenty minute walk at the other end away. It does not fill me will glee that winter finally decided to turn up, changing London into a flippin' winter wonderland overnight. I've got shit to do weather, get out of here! Gah. 

p.s. I fear the chillies are dead.


  1. did you get them ok? ooo nice lots of snow! it snowed here in cardiff for about 4 hours and i thought, yay, this is going to be good... and then it rained...and all the snow is gone.xx

  2. But the snow looks so pretty! I hope you still managed to get your pans ok.

  3. Eight pans? Are you mad girl, one is heavy enough! Did you get them ok? x

  4. Haha, under normal circumstances I would have definitely thought the snow was pretty, but schlepping cross town with wet frozen feet slightly hardened me against it!

    But... I got the pans, and they're awesome! Just need a bit of a clean. Luckily they were a manageable weight for (Ben) to carry in a couple of hessian shopping bags, and we got a cab on the journey home so wasn't too bad at all :)

  5. That's a brilliant buy. We just got a casserole pan and I use it every day.


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