Thursday, 1 March 2012

Frugal February: How I Did

A very un-frugal piggy bank, found here

Did you notice? It's March! I move into my new house on Saturday, I won't have to do any stupid packing again for at least another year, and Frugal February is OVER. So how did I do? Well, not perfectly, that's for sure. I definitely did loads better at not buying the stuff I would usually slip up on: no make up, nail varnish or toiletries, no DVDs, no magazines, no clothes or shoes, no cute vintage knick-knacks.

So what did I buy? Well I did crack one weekend and buy some glorious candy coloured yarn (though super cheap at £1 a ball), and the other day I bought a second-hand Ian McEwan from the charity book shelf at work (not strictly necessary given my burgeoning collection of still-to-read books).

Other than that, there have been some unavoidable purchases related to moving house - a new Hoover (though with a good discount on RRP on Amazon), some basic tools, a few new kitchen utensils and some second-hand cast iron pans (although I'm seeing these as an investment piece, so frugal in the long run). So while my costs have actually been higher than usual this month, I do feel like I've learnt to live on less, make use of what I've got, and generally keep hold of my dough better.

Other than curbing my spending, I did a few other things to try and be more frugal in February...

* Tried out A Thrifty Mrs' tip on cheaper cotton wool pads
* Switched to some cheapo hairspray when I ran out (conclusion: passable in large doses)
* Tried out a tip on thickening mascara with baby powder as seen on SuperScripers
* Salvaged some old jewellery (and an iron, and a suitcase) from home
* Used up some toiletries I'd forgotten about - including a perfectly good tube of foundation (nearly full) an unopened face pack, hair serum (again nearly full) and some hotel 'sourced' minis (hey, I'm not too proud)
* Bought and cleaned up a great set of Le Creuset pans second-hand for a fraction of the cost of new ones
* Learnt to meal plan better and revisited some of my favourite cheap comfort foods (hello dahl)
* Sold some stuff I didn't need on eBay, making over £20
* Took a packed lunch to work most days
* Baked shortbread, possibly one of the simplest and cheapest baked treats around
* Used some yarn from my stash to make myself a nice little cowl and some fingerless gloves


Did you partake in Frugal February? I'd be interested to know how you did!


  1. Well done! It's hard to keep going for a whole month, bet it seemed like a long month for a short one!

  2. Way to go! I should have done something like this myself, but I was less far from frugal!

  3. 'Hotel sourced' eh? Hmm...I didn't do very well in Feb, but I'm determined to do well this month. I use an app called 'accounts' to manage all my budgets which I couldn't live with out now.

    Good luck with the move. As soon as you're settled give me a shout and we'l go for a coffee xx

  4. I love your hidden treasures from your gran - sorry, slightly off topic! Anyhow, I've been making the effort with taking lunches to work from home, saving a bundle of $$$ and having nicer lunches too.

  5. Sounds like a good result to me - well done.

    It's frugal pretty much all year round here, though I did splash out at a jumble sale a couple of weeks ago, and have been stocking up on second hand woolens to make Kelly Doust's patchwork throw - saw it in a library book, but it's also been featured recently on the Mollie Makes blog (too frugal to buy the magazine I'm afraid).

    Hope the new home is a happy one.

  6. Well done. Le Creuset pans are definitely a good investment! What a great find. I did okay, I refused to buy new toiletries, planned meals and took a packed lunch to work everyday. I was surprised to find money in my bank account at the end of the month... that rarely happens. I'm tempted to keep the frugal habits going for as long as I can!

  7. Siobhan, IF ONLY I had an iphone, I'm sure I could sort my whole life out with apps. Ah maybe one day...

    Colleen, I'd say a jumble sale is a pretty good excuse to splash out. Up to this point I too have been too frugal to buy Mollie Makes (a fiver a pop in the shops is just too much for me!) BUT I just signed up for their current subscription deal of 40% off the usual price, bargain!

    Hazel, I'm the same - after a month of living frugally you definitely get the 'bug' - thinking more carefully about everything I buy now.

  8. What a great job! I think I will have to have a frugal April (after some birthday celebrations) now that I am back from a very long, expensive holiday.


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