Tuesday, 5 February 2013

South London Art Map (SLAM) Tour

At the end of January I joined some friends on the South London Art Map tour. On the last Friday of each month, lots of galleries in south London stay open late and a member of the SLAM team leads a two hour tour around a selection of galleries in one of three south London hubs: Peckham, Deptford and Bankside. Two hours might sound like a lot, but with several venues to cover (five in this case) and walking time in-between, the evening flies by (aided by a few complimentary beverages along the way). We managed four galleries in total as the tour was running a bit long and we were keen to go grab some dinner, but would absolutely go again. I've already got an eye on the Facebook page for details of this month's tour. If you live in South London, or London at all, I'd really recommend checking it out.


  1. Cambridge has just launched an arts map tour too - looks like fun!

  2. Peckham has been just a great place for tourism and increases our learning skills. I use to visit the Peckham before long time for getting job training. I stay there two months in a hostel. Well now my friends planned grand canyon tours las Vegas for summer vacations but after to complete this tour I must go to London and also check your mentioned area.

  3. Such a pretty sharing! This blog is very informative for traveler and for those who love art. I must want to visit these galleries in south London after completing my west coast tour. I hope I will enjoy there and it will be good to learn about art.


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