Friday, 23 August 2013

Link Love #7

>>  Katie's post on remembering to live life in real life really made me think

>>  I'm liking the quirky format of blog Smart, Pretty and Awkward (found via Yes and Yes)

>>  Cake. Cooked in a skillet. For eating at breakfast. I am SOLD

>>  Wow. This might just be my idea of an absolute perfect house.

>>  This interrupted meals photo series is pretty cool

>>  Am I the only one who didn't know you can make a hair doughnut out of an old sock?

>>  A piece of paper that keeps food fresher for 4 x longer (!!)

>>  Love these beautiful images of critters that have taken over an abandoned house

Happy Friday folks!

photo by Nanagyei, cc


Thanks for your thoughts. I really enjoy reading them and will always pop over to your own space on the web for a visit :)

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