Thursday, 2 April 2015

Goals for April

12 hours of training. Now that I've started Roller Derby rookie training (more on this to follow!), I’m keen to get my fitness levels up as quickly as possible. Practice is 2 hours a week, and I plan to supplement this with spinning classes and squash, and extra skating where I can. I’m really enjoying being more active and I want to push myself to keep it up in April.

4 hours of Spanish. I've really let my Spanish studying slide since coming back from Costa Rica. I’d hate to just lose all the progress I made in that 6 weeks, so this month I want to get back into it. I’m aiming for at least an hour a week.

4 new bakes. I’m currently doing a baking-related charity fundraiser (more to follow on this too!), and to keep on track I want to bake four different recipes in April.  

2 new books read. I know this won’t sound very ambitious to most people but I feel busy busy busy at the mo and so I’ll be happy if I get my two book club books read!

1 finished knitted scarf. In March I started my first knitting project in about years, and I am sooo out of practice – I basically had to teach myself to knit all over again! If I can get the scarf finished this month I’ll be happy.

1 optimistic Easter Sunday BBQ and Labyrinth screening with friends. Come on sun, do your thing! 

Do you have any goals for the first month of Spring?  


  1. Derby trainning?!! Awesome. I take it the trials went well then :) can't wait to hear all about it! x

  2. Roller derby?! Man I'm so jealous! I am obsessed with roller derby but considering I a) have the balance of a drunk toddler, and b) the fear levels of, erm... a very frightened person, there's no way I'd be suited.


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