Wednesday, 5 August 2015

My (Not So Secret) Secret

Well, as you might have noticed, things have been quiet around these parts. I've actually taken my biggest ever break from writing Knitting on Trains since starting the blog almost five years and exactly 510 posts ago; I shared some pictures of our new teeny-weeny baby bunnies back in April (when they were about a million times smaller and fluffier than they are now) and haven't blogged since. 

So what's my not-so-secret secret? I've basically abandoned Knitting on Trains. Let it go to seed. I haven't even logged onto Blogger in three months and Bloglovin in almost as long. My unread blogs list is hundreds and hundreds of posts long. And you know what? It's been great. 

Before this break, I posted just twelve times in the first four months of the year (compared to up to 3 times a week when I was really enjoying blogging). Every post felt like work. Thinking of recipes to bake and photograph felt like a chore. Remembering to take my camera out with me felt like a burden. So one day, I just... didn't. I stopped worrying about making time for this blog - and it was such a relief. 

Instead, I've found my creative side satisfied through other outlets. I'm about as late to the party as you can be, but it turns out that I really enjoy the kind of low-stress, micro-blogging experience that Instagram provides (I'm a regular poster - you can find me here). I've been enjoying spending time with my friends, boyfriend and bunnies, away from a computer screen. And I've found a huge new passion: roller derby. 

Since trying out for Croydon Roller Derby's rookie programme back in early March, I've gone to practice every Friday night: week in, week out. I've watched live roller derby, volunteered at bouts, gone to an outdoor extreme sports festival, bonded with my fellow rookies and passed probation, becoming a full CRD league member. Oh, and I kinda sorta maybe started a roller derby blog.

I know starting a new blog to get away from feeling over-stretched by blogging might sound counter-intuitive, but weirdly it's made sense for me. Roller derby has really sucked me in - I love going to practice every week, and I also love everything else that goes along with it: reading the blogs; watching game footage and skating tutorials online; following discussions on Facebook. I've saturated my life in roller derby, and it feels good to be really curious about something again. Starting a blog to chart my journey from clueless rookie to (hopefully, one day) a card-carrying derby player, and everything I learn along the way, just kind of made sense. Most importantly, since I want (and need) to do a bunch of ongoing research around the sport anyway, blogging about it doesn't actually take that much extra effort - perfect! 

I won't be taking Knitting on Trains down. This blog still gets a few hundred hits a day, so I guess the various recipes, tutorials and guides stored here are still proving useful to people. I may reconsider next time my domain subscription renewal comes around, but that's a long way off yet. Who knows, maybe some day the food/craft/travel blogging bug will bite me again and I'll start posting here again in earnest. But for now, there likely won't be new posts on Knitting on Trains for some time (sorry). If you think it could be your kind of thing, check out my roller derby blog and find me on instagram.

I'm so grateful to everyone who's read and commented on this blog over the years. May the universe bless you with crisp, ice-cold beers and brownies as dense and squidgy as fudge.  

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  1. Ah I'll miss this blog Jess! But I do know where you're coming from... sometimes blogging can feel like a chore, and micro-blogging seems to be getting ever more popular so I sometimes think about doing the same! I'd like to go to a roller derby match to see what it's like. See you on instagram! x


Thanks for your thoughts. I really enjoy reading them and will always pop over to your own space on the web for a visit :)

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