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Jessica Benson-Egglenton
Why hello there. My name's Jess and this here is my little space on the web. 

In my working life, I'm passionate about widening participation to Higher Education, working with children and advising young people on training and career choices (including internships). I'm so interested in internships, I wrote my MA dissertation about them (contact me if you'd like to know more). You can find some of the resources I've written about arts internships here

In my spare time I like taking pictures, rummaging around charity shops, experimenting with new recipes, attempting crafts and, on occasion, throwing myself up walls. 

One day I'd like to have a homemade Good Life all of my own, complete with vegetable patch and a small herd of pugs, but since I live in Brixton and juggle work, freelance projects and blogging (oh, and a sometimes neglected boyfriend!), that probably isn't going to happen any time soon. In the mean time I’ll settle for trying to live a more creative, thrifty lifestyle; wasting less, home-making gifts, growing windowsill herbs, baking bits and bobs and exploring London whenever I can.

I started this blog because I was getting a bit jealous of friend's awesome craft and cooking blogs, and wanted a piece of the action for myself. That was way back in October 2010, and since then I've come to love this blogging lark and everything that goes with it - trying new stuff, sharing things I've discovered and making some lovely new online and offline friends. Why 'Knitting on Trains'? Well, when I was in a long distance relationship for over three years, I did a lot of just that. Nowadays I've gone over to the yarn dark-side... (otherwise known as crochet).

Do comment if the fancy takes you; interacting with readers is one of my favourite parts of blogging. I read every single comment, and love checking out other people's corners of the web.

Working with me 

From time to time Knitting On Trains features (genuine) reviews, hosts giveaways, and collaborates with other bloggers on material. If you're a business and you'd like me to honestly review your product or service here on Knitting on Trains, or you'd like to hire me to write an article for your site, please get in touch. If you're a blogger and you have an idea for working together, I'd love to hear from you. The main topics covered on Knitting On Trains are craft, baking and cooking, photography, vintage clothing and homewares, exploring London and frugal living.

Please note: I will never accept pre-written advertorial 'guest' posts written by third parties, and won't respond to emails regarding them.

What I like to read 

Here's a list of some of my favourite blogs.

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  1. Your blog is so much fun, and I really enjoy reading it whenever I get the chance.

    I wanted to let you know that I have nominated your blog for a Kreativ Blogger Award because of the great, beautiful, amazing content you create.

    1. Thanks very much! Always so nice to receieve bloggy awards :)

  2. I'm really enjoying this blog, too. I also Knit on Trains - so love the blog name. I'm adding you to my blog roll - hope that's alright. I really like today's post - and your cross stitch one! Happy knitting ! x

    1. Thanks Grace. Nice to meet you :)

  3. Hi Jessica, thanks for the last links, really nice singer! I like the music you like. And I like your blog...I'm actually still learning from you and other creative folks. ;) Hi to London

    1. Regina's great isn't she, glad to be of service!

  4. This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

    1. Seriousquizness I'm so sorry I managed to accidentally delete your lovely comment, purely a case of UTTER clumsiness on my part! Nice to meet you anyway :)

  5. Dear Jess,

    It's Aga from Sneaky Magpie, hope all is well with you.

    I am so annoyed about not being able to comment on your blog which I love, still trying to figure out what the problem is and my email just bounced back, not my day. So here is my last try, fingers crossed it works!

    Anyway, the reason for this mail is a giveaway I am doing, it's a couple of tickets to Vintage Festival which looks like your cup of tea. Unfortunately I am not able to go (being a mum!) but it looks fantastic.

    I thought I would mention it to you.

    Best wishes,

  6. What a wolly I am! I've been reading your blog every now and again and I have only just realised it is you Jess! That'll teach me not to read an about page.

    Hope the dissertation writing went well this summer.

    Claire x

    1. Ha, no way! I've had my eye on your blog too - but then I did know it was you! I like your etsy shop, hope it's going well. I'm thinking of starting a little on myself after dissertation hand in (printing this week - soooo nearly there!). x

    2. Funny how the online world seems so big but it's actually not! The Etsy shop has been a great adventure, got some good advertising coming up soon, so I hope that will help. You should definitely take the plunge!

      Good luck getting it all handed in. Looking back, I don't know how I ever found the time to study!


    3. P.S. Graduation hoods are Brown. BLEURGH.

  7. http://bazaarteapot.blogspot.com.au/2012/04/granny-square-day.html

    Hi Jess ... I just came across the name of your blog & had to share this story I wrote last year X

  8. just started to teach myself to crochet and am already seriously addicted to it. Found your patterns today and have to try the daffodil NOW!

  9. I just came across your blog, and love the name! Last month I was knitting a sock on a train, got a few odd looks but one man was very fascinated, with me using four double pointed needles! Looking forward to flicking through your archives now.

  10. Hi, Jess, i just wanted to say thank you for the fabulous coffee and walnut cake recipe. I'd heard of the method where you weigh the eggs and adjust the other ingredients to match but had never tried it. It works like a dream. i made the cake for the sewing group and everyone had second helpings! Next I'll try making hummus! Thanks again.
    PS I knit anywhere and everywhere!

  11. Great coffee and walnut cake recipe! Thank you!


Thanks for your thoughts. I really enjoy reading them and will always pop over to your own space on the web for a visit :)

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